Relationships with each other

House Fellowships

encourageMeeting at members' homes, programmes include outings, picnics, guest speakers and the occasional Bible study. The emphasis is on social interaction and building friendships.


Connections is a social gathering of 30+ year olds (some more + than others!), who meet once a month for a mixture of sedentary and more active events and (usually) food.

Connections +

Connections Plus follows on, age-wise, from Connections. We usually have six meetings a year, either in members' homes or at arranged venues and, again, often involving food!

Ladies' Nightcutlery cartoon

Meetings may include a talk or demonstration from a visiting speaker, or an 'in-house' evening of fun, finishing with refreshments. Despite the name, gentlemen are welcome!!

Wednesday Afternoon Fellowship

We meet on Wednesdays during school terms for tea and chat and a talk from a guest speaker. Subjects vary from holidays to nature, from music to poetry, from sacred to 'secular' and from the serious to the decidedly light-hearted.

LOTS (Ladies out together socialising)

We want to reach out beyond the church and invite you join us on the third Friday of each month at 7.30pm for friendship and a meal. We meet at various restaurants across the local area, suiting a range of culinary preferences.

Coffee and Cake

Once a month on a Saturday, our groups take it in turns to run a coffee morning, another coffee and cakeopportunity to get to know more people in our community. Coffee, tea and biscuits are also served every week after the 10.30 service.

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