Our timetable

9.00am Children arrive and choose between our free-flow indoor & outdoor play areas, or take part in adult-led activities
10.00am Snack time
11.00am Tidy-up time
11.10am Circle time, show-and-tell, story time, or listening to music
11.30am Home time (or children can stay for lunch club and the afternoon session)

Keypersons: a staff member for each child

Each child has one staff member who has particular responsibility for them. The keyperson maintains links with the child's parents or guardians and identifies what activities will help the child develop further.

The keyperson will work with parents to fill in the child's 'Learning Journey'. This report helps parents and staff to celebrate the child's achievements and identify what else is needed to support the child's needs. The records can then be transferred to another early years provider or the child's primary school.

What we teach

All children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace. We offer a curriculum that delivers nationally-approved learning outcomes and ensures that children are ready to start school.

Our areas of development are:

Personal, social & emotional development: supporting children to make relationships, develop self-confidence and self-awareness, and manage their feelings and behaviour

Communication and language development: supporting children to listen carefully, understand what they hear and respond

Physical development: supporting children to move, handle objects and look after their health and keep safe

Literacy: supporting children to read and write

Maths: supporting children to learn numbers, shapes, spaces and measurements

Understanding the world: supporting children to learn more about people and communities, the world and new technologies

Expressive arts and design: supporting children to be creative and imaginative with arts and crafts