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Discipleship & Exploring Christianity

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Christianity Explored

Who is Jesus? Why did he come and then die? What does it mean to follow him?

If you'd like to investigate Christianity for yourself, or learn more about the basics of what it means to be a Christian, join us as we look at the person of Jesus by studying Mark's account of his life.

Each session involves watching a short video and plenty of time for discussion over tea, coffee and cake.

FMC has run both Christianity Explored and the Alpha Course in recent years. Our previous Christianity Explored course took place in summer 2016. Check back here later for details of our next course, or visit the  Christianity Explored and Alpha Course websites to find similar courses in the local area.


The Disciple course seeks to transform people's lives through Bible study. Join us for this year-long course where we make our way through about three-quarters of the Bible. There are daily readings to do at home, and then we meet each week to discuss and share what we've learned, and share fellowship with each other.

Disciple meets on Wednesday afternoons, and restarts for an eight week course on Romans on Wednesday 21st September at 1.30pm. For more information, contact Lindsey B, or our Minister.

Encounter Groups

FMC has two types of house groups. 'Encounter Groups' meet primarily for Bible study and spiritual growth, but House Fellowships have a more social orientation.

Mondays Evenings with Catherine R: meets fortnightly
Tuesday Evenings with Tony E: meets weekly
Thursday Evenings with Brian S: meets on the 1st & 3rd weeks of each month
Thursday Evening 'LIFE Together' with Phil S: meets fortnightly

For more information, contact our Minister.

Mums' GIFT (Growing in Faith Together)

We are a group of mums who meet each week to share how our relationship with God can be sustained and grow amongst the joys, challenges and busyness of parenting. We have the opportunity to read the Bible, talk about our faith, drink tea and compare sleep deprivation levels!

Tuesday Evening GIFT, meeting fortnightly, 8.00pm - 9.30pm with Carole F

Wednesday Morning GIFT, every week at 10.00am with Helen H
The original! Meeting for refreshments and bible study, whilst children not at school are welcome to come and play!

Wednesday Morning GIFT, every week at 10.00am with Lucy E
More focused Bible study for mums whose children are at school or nursery.

For more information, contact Sarah, Carole or Helen via our Minister.

Table Talk

This new monthly Bible study requires no previous knowledge of the Bible, just an appetite to learn, share, and eat food!

Information about the next bible study can be found in the latest edition of the church magazine.

Bible Studies

These take place on Wednesday mornings after mid-week Communion between 10.15am and 11.15am. Bible study gives people the opportunity to get to know and understand parts of the bible and how it applies to our daily lives.

Studies so far have included 'Getting to know the Bible', 'Small books of the Bible' and 'St Paul: this is your life!'

 All are welcome, no matter how little or much Bible knowledge you have! For further information please contact our Minister.

Prayer Meetings

Prayer forms a very important part of our church life, and a prayer group meets on Thursday evenings between 6.45pm -7.30pm. For more information, speak to Roma & Lionel L.